Tips to Recognize If a First Date Went Well

Published: 29th June 2011
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If you're uncertain of what took place at your first date, you need someone to help you figure it out. Thatís the reason we wrote this article; weíve pulled together several first date tips for men to help you clear all the doubts and recognize how it actually went. Normally, if youíre unsure it means there are two possible actions : you have some pretty good reasons to believe it didn't go well or itís just your imagination playing with you. Either ways you should still call her and invite her someplace again. Letís try to remember how the date went.

Talking to her. Try to remember every moment when you were talking with her. Who talked more, her or you? If she talked more that means she was feeling comfortable and talkative. If you talked more, was she looking in your eyes, was she smiling, laughing? If not thatís a minus. If you interviewed her, did she respond easy, or did she raise her eyebrows, give you a funny look as if itís a clichť, typical or boring question? Did she want to know more about you? If she asks you questions thatís a sign of interest. Did any uncomfortable quiet moments take place during the evening? You should avoid these moments as much as you can. If you canít find anything to say, try to look around perhaps you see something humorous nearby to talk about.

Body language. How was she waving her hands, was she still, or were her hands restless? If she was waving a lot, thatís a good sign, it means she wants to communicate with you more. If she was playing with her hair while talking with you, thatís another good sign. A bad sign is when she stands still with her arms closed; sheís likely indifferent or feeling uneasy. If you tried to loosen he up with a funny story, thatís a good way to make her feel more comfy. Was she leaning in to you when talking, or was she sitting back and just nodding her head to everything you weíre saying? Leaning in to you is a good sign.

Physical contact. How did she react when you touched her? If you tried not to touch her at all as if sheís a glass statue, thatís a minus. If you took her hand and she responded well, thatís a plus. Did you try to kiss her, if so, how did she respond? You donít have to kiss her the first date but sometimes itís fine to let her know you want to kiss her, so if you tried and she rejected you, most of the time it's not a bad thing, it just means she's not ready for a kiss yet.

Analyze all these first date tips for men and think for a minute. If you think you didnít mess up much then call her and ask her out again. You could return for those second date tips so go ahead and do it. Good luck!

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